Dvibhumi | Tirta Tusk Earrings
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Dvibhumi | Tirta Tusk Earrings

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Brand: Dvibhumi
Product Code: DVBSEP16ER08
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  • Featuring a pair of Tusk Earrings. 'Tirta' is from Dvibhumi's 'Ayu' collection and embodies the spirit of Bali, where prayer blurs beautifully into nature worship. Handcrafted in 925 Silver with motifs indigenous to Bali, 'Tirta' is inspired by Gajah or Ganesha, the Elephant God in Hindu Mythology, with traditional disc patterns characteristic of Balinese jewellery

  • The product will be delivered within 35 working days fom the date of placing an order. Goods once sold cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • These earrings are pre-tarnished, however silver will naturally and beautifully tarnish further with time. Storing the earrings in an air-tight zip-lock bag is a very effective way of delaying this.

  • 925 Silver, pre-oxidised

  • Details
    Brand Dvibhumi
    Closure Pushback
    Colours Silver
    Dimensions Length-3.5"
    Material 925 Silver, pre-oxidised
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