NIMAI – About Us

NIMAI – About Us

Launched in October 2013, we are India’s FIRST Multi Designer Jewelry Brand to showcase an expert curation of established, emerging, known and unknown jewelry talents from different regions of our country.


Endorse handcrafted

Celebrate ‘Made in India’

Showcase the best of Indian contemporary jewelry

Encourage the use of experimental mediums and techniques to create jewelry with a strong narrative

Through NIMAI, our AIM is to create global awareness on the evolving face of Indian jewelry designers who are pushing boundaries to create jewelry as ‘wearable art’.

Our VISION is to create a stable platform for designers to sustain themselves while engaging with skilled artisans to realize their designs.

Our MISSION is to supplement artisans’ development, create better work opportunities, address their anonymity, initiate fair trade and help this rapidly diminishing community from becoming extinct!

Our flagship retail store – 416 Shahpurjat Village, New Delhi -49

NIMAI, the Brand Name:

NIMAI is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, an incarnation of Lord Krsna. The spiritual and conscious teachings of Krsna flow through the Brand ideology of NIMAI.